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Sunday, 28 February 2016

~Swatches~ Rimmel London No. 711 Punk Rock

Hallo lieve lezers, vandaag weer een nieuwe swatch. Sorry dat ik zo onregelmatig dingen post, de ene keer komen er per week super veel dingen online en dan is het weer even stil. Dat kan op dit moment niet anders, ik zit middenin examens. Sowieso doe ik nog mee met de maandelijkse challenge, maar ik moet toch proberen weer regelmatiger te posten J Vandaag in ieder geval een nieuwe swatch. Voor mijn verjaardag kreeg ik van mijn beste vriendin dit leuk lakje! Benieuwd naar meer foto’s? Lees snel verder voor alle details…
Hello dear readers, today I have again a new swatch to share with you. Sorry for posting so irregular the past weeks, sometimes I post a lot of things in a short period of time, and before I know it, I haven’t posted anything in a week. At this point I really can’t help it, I’m in the middle of exams, but I’ll do my best to keep posting for you. Anyways I still join the monthly challenge, but I have to try to post more regular. But today I have a new post for J For my birthday this cute polish from my best friend. Curious to see more pictures? Read on for all the details ...

Monday, 8 February 2016

~Swatches~ Saffron No. 05 Orange Cream

Yeah, time goes way to fast, today it’s time for the last swatch in the round up of Saffron swatches. But no worries, there will be more post very soon. This last post has a whole new polish for you guys. It’s a lovely orange shade, and although I am not that much of an orange fan, I have to say that this polish got me excited! So continue reading for all the the details, the pics, my honest opinion. I’m very curious what you guys think!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

~Swatches~ Saffron No. 43 Bikini Blue

Hello Guys, today It’s time for my second polish in the round up of Saffron shades that I’m sharing with you guys this week. As you can read, I’m doing the introduction in English just to save myself some time really. The review part itself will still always be in both English and Dutch. So yeah, I just want to test my English skills that’s all. I think that it feels much more free if you don’t always have to choose for both. So weird, I really can express myself better in English, maybe I’ve listened to much English rock music the past week J haha But Whatever Let’s go to the second polish of this week’s round up.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

~Swatches~ Saffron No. 13 Magic Plum

In this post I’ll share the first swatches of this week swatch marathon from the Saffron London Nail Polish Collection! I have three posts to share with you, and in this post I’ll will start with the first shade. I’m going to share a lot of pictures of the shades, and give my honest opinion on these polishes! I’m very curious what you guys think, especially since I haven’t posted that much for a while, and this week I’m sharing four posts instead of ehhh really no post ;) Enjoy!! 

Monday, 1 February 2016

COTM: Retro ~Vote for your favorite manicure! ~

Hallo allemaal! Met trots presenteer ik aan jullie de nieuwe challenge of the month van dit jaar. Wat het inhoud? Iedere maand maken alle deelnemers een nail art rondom het zelfde thema voor jullie. Deze maand was het thema retro! Vervolgens deelt iedere blogger de foto's in een post en aan het einde van dat artikel kun je stemmen op je favoriete manicure! Deze maand heb ik weer allemaal mooie nail arts gezien. We worden vast gesponsord door Nail Product bij het maken van de nail arts. Daar vertel ik in dit artikel meer over. Lees snel verder voor mijn nail art en alle andere inzendingen rondom het thema en uitleg over de nail art die ik gemaakt heb...

Hello all! Today I'm presenting the next Challenge of the month of this year with you. What it means? Each month, the participants will make a nail art around the same theme for you. This month's theme was retro. Then each blogger shares the photos in a post and you can vote at the end of this article at your favorite manicure of this month's challenge! I've already discovered a lot of new and beautiful nail art designs in this new post as well. A compagny named NailProduct will send each blogger samples to make the manicures with. More details on the sponsorship in this post. Read on for all the details on the theme and the photos of the manicure that we have created...