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Saturday, 20 June 2015

TAG: I Love Nail Polish!

Hoi lieve allemaal! Afgelopen week werd de I Love Nail Polish tag door Malinka van aan mij doorgegeven en na het lezen van haar artikel had ik veel zin om deze TAG ook met jullie te delen. De vragen zijn superleuk en een goede manier om meer over mij en mijn nagellak verzameling te weten te komen. Zoals velen weten bezit ik inmiddels heel wat nagellakjes. Ik ben eigenlijk gestopt met tellen, ze liggen door het hele huis verspreid en er komen er steeds meer bij. Vandaag deel ik deze tag met jullie en laat ik foto's van mijn nagellak verzameling zien. Lees snel verder voor alle details...

Hi dear all! Last week the I Love Nail Polish tag by Malinka passed to me and after reading her article I had much desire to share this TAG also with you. The questions are great fun and a good way to learn more about me and my nail polish collection. As many know by now I own a lot of nail polishes. I actually stopped counting, they are scattered throughout the house and there are more and more. Today I share with you this tag and I show pictures of my nail polish collection. Read on for all the details ...

1. Favorite Basecoat?

My favorite basecoat is W.I.C. by Herôme - Basecoat. It protects your nails against staining and chipping. I'm very pleased with the quality of that basecoat.

2. Favorite Topcoat?

Well, there are a lot of topcoats that I'm using at the moment but Gel Shine Topcoat from Catrice is one of my favorites. It does not only add a shine to your nails but covers them with a layer of transparant gel polish as well. In that way your nail polish will stay in place for a longer time.

3. What are your three favorite nail polish brands?

That's a fun question! Let me think a couple of seconds about this one. There are just so many brands that I love. I think my go to favorite brand is definitely Sinful Colors. They sell a lot of different and beautiful colors. But I love Essence as well, they offer a lot of different shades for reasonable prices as well. A more expensive brand that I love is OPI. The shades from OPI are just amazing and there polishes are in a way almost collectors items and just to pretty to use on your nails :)

4. How often do you paint your nails?

Well, it depends. If I'm working on blog articles I can change my manicure every night or even change color for testing polishes multiple times a day. But overall I think I change my manicure at least three times a week. There are also times that I'm just painting my nails for fun, not for my blog :) But lately I've been thinking about giving my nails a little rest as well. Always wearing nail polish on them is not very healthy for your nails.

5. What is your favorite neutral nail polish?

My favorite nude nail polish is Nr. 311 Ivory Beige by mavala. I love that brand! Last year I made some articles about winter/fall trends for your nails and at that time I reviewed this polish for you guys. It's a beautiful nude braun shade that needs two coats to cover all your nails. It dries real quick and I love to use that shade as a base for my manicures! If you'd like to read the review on that polish, click here.

6. Pink or Red polish?

Red Polish! I love pink shades as well but the past weeks I've made a lot of nail arts containing red details or a red base. My favorite red color from the last month is No. 10 True love from Essence. If you'd like to read a review on that shade you can click here. But there are also a lot of dark red shades from OPI or Rimmel London that I love.


7. Glitter polish or matte polish?

That's a hard question! For nail arts it's more useful to wear matte polishes because that looks the most beautiful on camera. But if I'm not making nail arts, I love to wear a matte shade in combination with a glitter topcoat! My favorite topcoat to wear at this moment is an nail art effect topcoat from Essence called No. 09 Copper'ize me. I love that shade! I'f you'd love to read the review, you can click here :)

8. What is your go to polish at the moment?

My go to polish? When I have to leave home for school and want to wear something on my nails, I will need a polish that stays in place all day, and dries quickly. I think the most classic shade to pick at that moment will be No. 107 Dakar from Herome. I love that Purple shade. (For the review, click here) But I think No. 952 Hazard from Sinful colors is perfect as well. (Click here for review)
9. What do you wear on your nails right now?

Right now I'm wearing Van Gogh nail wraps, they have the painting Starry Night on them and BornPrettyStore asked me to review them on my blog. I was very pleased with the quality and decided to wear them on both of my hands for some days. I'm still wearing them right now :) Oh by the way, If you'd like to read the review for BPS that I posted this week, click here.

10. How would you call your nail polish if you had your own nail polish brand?

That's such a fun and creative question! How would you call them? I'm very curious what you guys are going to comment. I think I'd create polishes inspired on fashion trends and give them names that refer to those styles. For example No. 01 Gothic for a black shade and a classic red shade called No. 02 Retro. But I'd also love to create a pink lady-like shade called No. 03 Lolita. (or something like that ;)

Feel free to share this TAG with all of your friends or if you'd like to share it with your readers on your blog. I'm so curious what some of your anwsers on this tag are! I'd love to read all the comments below containing your favorite polishes, nail colors, etc.

Thanks for reading this article on Creativenails4fun!

* Nothing to disclose


  1. Leuke tag en leuke antwoorden! Ik ga deze tag ook zeker nog invullen :)

  2. Wat een leuke tag! heel leuk ingevuld ook!
    Liefs. Jonne

  3. really interesting answers dear Julia :)

  4. Erg leuk om te lezen Julia!!

  5. Ivory Beige vind ik écht een mooie kleur, wauw! ♥ Wat ik me afvraag, hoeveel nagellakjes heb je eigenlijk in totaal?

  6. This is a very interesting and fun tag! It's always nice to find out more about people!

  7. Great answers :)) I really love this tag because it`s so unteresting :)
    fell in love with point 8 :)

  8. what a lovely entry
    amazing entry

    Hoffe du schaust auch mal bei mir vorbei <3

  9. Leuk om jouw antwoorden op de tag te lezen.

  10. This is such a fun post, its really nice to read more about you and your collection! I would love to do this on my blog sometime :) xx

  11. this was fun :D
    love that nail wraps, i got it for a review too ;)

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