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Saturday, 8 August 2015

~History~ How french is the french manicure? + Nail Art

The French manicure is a timeless look for your nails that we have seen everywhere. From the runways to the people in the salons who just want to have a natural and lovely manicure without using vibrant colors. For all of you wondering if the French manicure is really French, in this article I hope to give you the answer. I'll tell you more about the history of the French manicure and at the end I'm sharing my own basic French manicure with you. In the next post I'll give my own twist to the 'Frenchie' and I hope you guys will like it. Continue reading for all the details and pictures of my natural French manicure...

* Sidenote: this article will be written only in English instead of both langues, in order to improve my English skills :)

In the late 1970's the brand Orly created an at-home manicure kit for everyone who loved clean and beautiful nails. Jeff Pink the founder of this brand called this manicure kit the 'French manicure'. He gave the manicure a name and made it famous all over the U.S.A. He came with the concept of the idea of the natural nail in combination with the white tip during a trip to Los Angelas, back when he was working there as a make-up artist. So Orly is believed to be the first brand using this term. But how French is the French manicure really? It's kind of hard to discover where this manicure first came from but we know in general that painting your nails excists for thousands of years already. The word manicure comes from two words: 'manus' and 'Cura'. Those words mean 'hand' and 'care'.

There are meany speculations about the French manicure. Some think that the word French was just added to make the name of this nail art design sound more chic and stylish. But others think that it was created in Paris, around the 1930's. When the French manicure became popular in America in the 1970's the nail art was loved because of the clean and stylish look, and it was very useful for the old hollywood stars who didn't want to spent a lot of time on their manicure, but did wanted to have nice looking nails. Jeff Pink, the founder of Orly, came up with the idea of this manicure while he was in Los Angeles. Later, he took this idea and used it on the Paris catwalk, where it was used on the models and in that way it became a famous manicure. In honour of his friends in Europa, he made up the name 'French manicure', but the idea behind this nail art was already created in Los Angeles, a couple of years earlier. So many believe that this term was indeed made up in the 70s in the U.S.A for woman who wanted a quick and chic manicure. Today the French manicure is still very popular as well. It is requested in a lot of salons, and looks great with any outfit. It really doensn't matter which salon you go to, they will always have the classic 'french' manicure.

But enough about the history of this classic manicure. Now I'd love to explain to you how to create it yourself at home using three easy steps. Above you can see the classic French manicure that I created for this article. First I have applied a very light pink almost transparent topcoat to my nails. When this had dried I have applied the classic white tips using a white nail polish and a striper. You can also use the brush of the white polish when you don't have any stripers at home. Finish your manicure by applying one more layer of the sheer pink polish to blend in the white polish and give your nails that Salon Effect! Thanks for taking the time to read this article! Hope you guys like this.


Do you wear the French manicure, and do you like this classic design?

Thanks for reading this article!

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  1. Wow...what a wonderful post! Thanks so much for sharing history of classic manicure and your french mani is looking awesome... <3 <3 <3

    1. thanks!!! Glad you liked this article about the French manicure!

  2. Great history post and nice nails. I also really like french manis, it's simple, elegant and neutral to any occasion. :)

  3. I love French manicures, and this was an interesting read!


  4. Gaaf artikel. En goed geschreven

  5. I love the seahorses!! So cute!!


  6. Interesting story! I am in love with french mani since I’ve first tried it in Ibiza at manicure nail salon.

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